Moving on UP with gardening

Mah-Sos students have begun their second crop in the Tower Gardens. So far students have germinated, planted, grown and eaten the following vegetables:

Lettuce Tomatoes (Cherry and Beefsteak) Green Peppers Eggplant Cucumbers

In the gardens now are:

Lettuce Spinach Kale Swiss chard

These tower gardens are "aeroponic" systems which means they use air and water instead of soil to grow. Plants are germinated (germination is the process of activating a seed) outside of the tower and then, once they are big enough, get placed into a pod where water trickles down on them every 15 minutes. This style of growing is faster and leads to bigger crops than traditional soil-based growing (or "geoponics").

Studies show that kids are more likely to eat healthy food if they know where it comes from and are even more likely to eat it if they are the ones responsible for growing it! Growing plants also teaches students about responsibility and care for other living things.

Keep up the awesome work, Mah-sos!

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