Tower Gardens

Our tower garden program puts real agriculture into the hands of Elementary school children. As an added bonus, produce from the tower gardens will be used in the creation of healthy meal choices for the school cafeteria!

Youth Council

The Tobique Youth council is a powerful group of high-school aged children who work in the community to initiate change. Currently, the Youth Council is fundraising to attend WE Day in Halifax!

Interpretive Trail

The Interpretive trail was created by high school students and is maintained by high school students. It is their legacy to the community and showcases local flora and fauna as well as educating visitors via interpretative plaques.

Outdoor Classroom (Dome)

Isn't it every child's dream to be able to have class outside? We created this outdoor dome classroom as a way to approach traditional and non-traditional avenues of education. 

Radio Program

Tobique is on the air! Our radio station is fully equipped to deliver programs to the local area. Currently we are running a Radio Bingo program every tuesday night to raise funds for youth programs in the community!

Camp Wolastoq

Currently in progress, Camp Wolastoq is owned by Elephant Thoughts and will be used by Wolastoq Education to deliver top notch science programming in the summers.